Denker GMs and Other Titles


 Dewain Barber

Revised January 11, 2018

I have created a Denker GMs Hall of Fame with the help of US Chess who did some research on the Denker participants who have achieved the GM title.  Thanks to Walter Brown and the busy staff at US Chess we have a list of twelve Denker players who have gone on to become Grandmasters.  This list appears in Alpha order with the state affiliate and year/years of Denker participation:


GM Vinay Bhat (CA-N) 1998-99

GM John Daniel Bryant (CA-S) 2007

GM Benjamin Finegold (MI) 1985-86

GM Alex Fishbein (CO) 1985

GM Josh Friedel (NH) 2002

GM Ilya Gerevich (MA) 1986, 1988

GM Jesse Kraai (NM) 1988-1990

GM Mackenzie Molner (NJ) 2004-05

GM Eugene Perelshteyn (MA) 1995

GM Tal Shaked (AZ) 1993

GM Andrew Tang (MN) 2015

GM Darwin Yang (TX) 2012

Additional players who have earned titles include 72 FMs, 14 IMs, 1 WCM, 3 WFMs, 1 CM.