Alan Stein Takes 7th Denker Tournament

by Ira Lee Riddle, National Tournament Director
From Chess Life, November 1991 with permission.

Alan Stein, of Mountain View, California, took clear first in the 1991 Arnold Denker Tournament of State High School Champions, with a 4 1/2 – 1/2 score. He completed a tournament that was marked by surprises from the first move to the last.

Stein was ranked No. 6 going into the event, with a 2117 rating. He drew in the third round with Brad Skaggs of Kentucky, then reeled off two more wins to claim the title. Right  behind him were Corey Russell of Tacoma, Washington and Lewis Eisen of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Josh Manion, of Wisconsin, had been tied at 3 1/2 with Stein after four rounds, but fell to Eisen in the second-to-last game to finish, thus winding up tied for 4th place in the event.

Stein, formerly a master, is no stranger to tough competition. He is a contributor to the California Chess Journal.

He earned a $400 scholarship for his first place finish. Russell will be entering his junior year in high school, and hopes someday to major in computer science in college. His hobbies, aside from chess, include politics, current events, music, and volleyball. Eisen, going into his senior year, is uncertain about his future plans, but would like to major in either pre-med or somewhere in the chemistry/bio-chemistry fields. Eisen also enjoys sports, especially tennis and bowling. Eisen also enjoys sports, especially tennis and bowling. Eisen and Russell will each receive a $250 scholarship.

Top-seeded Matt Morgan of Virginia was one of the many upset victims in this event. He was upended in the second round by Eisen, and then in the third round by Curtis Cooper of New Mexico. Morgan did come back with two victories in the final rounds to have a plus score at 3-2, good enough for 10th place. Second-seeded Nate Graham of Minnesota suffered a similar fate, losing in the second round to Josh Manion of Wisconsin and in the third round to Jason Phillips of Alabama. Thus, after three rounds, the top two seeds each had only one win and no draws. Graham wound up with 2 1/2 points and 15th place.

Finishing in 4th-7th places, in tie-broken order with 3 1/2 points, were Alon Bochman of New York, Manion, Ilya Figelman of Massachusetts, and Adam Caveney of Georgia. Each will receive a $25 scholarship.

A total of 30 players participated in this, the 7th Denker Tournament. (Fourteen of the participants also played in the U.S. Open.) Funding for the players’ expenses ($5500) was provided by the American Chess Foundation and by Arnold Denker. Additional contributions came from the U.S. Chess Trust, the Southern California Chess Federation, Dewain Barber, Paul Shannon, Arthur Dake, and Marjorie Metzger. Seven of the players were winners in a special drawing and given complimentary tickets to the luncheon with world champion Garry Kasparov.

The chief tournament director was Ira Lee Riddle, assisted by Alan Benjamin and Dewain Barber.

No. Name State Rating Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Points
1 Alan Stein NC 2117 W23 W16 D12 W04 W02 4.5
2 Corey Russell WA 2140 W07 W09 W03 W08 L01 4
3 Lewis Eisen NJ 2025 W22 W10 L02 W17 W05 4
4 Alon Bochman NY 2176 W17 W13 D05 L01 W08 3.5
5 Josh Manion WI 2074 W18 W15 D04 W12 L03 3.5
6 Ilya Figelman MA 2142 W11 L12 W23 D09 W14 3.5
7 Adam Caveney GA 1817 L02 W29 D16 W25 W12 3.5
8 Chad Banicki FL 1920 W26 W14 W25 L02 L04 3
9 Nick Raptis OR 1970 W29 L02 W22 D06 D11 3
10 Matthew Morgan VA 2342 W27 L03 L17 W28 W18 3
11 Jason Phillips AL 1824 L06 W28 W15 D13 D09 3
12 Brad Skaggs KY 2009 W28 W06 D01 L05 L07 2.5
13 Daniel Krawiec SC 2000 W24 L04 D20 D11 D19 2.5
14 Randy Miller IN 1911 D21 L08 W26 W20 L06 2.5
15 Nate Graham MN 2187 W19 L05 L11 W23 D17 2.5
16 Steven Fraley TX 1972 W30 L02 D07 L18 W21 2.5
17 Curtis Cooper NM 1869 L04 W24 W10 L03 D15 2.5
18 Troy Williams MD 1774 L05 D26 W21 W16 L10 2.5
19 Gilbert Busby Jr. HI 1890 L10 L25 W30 W22 D1 2.5
20 Darrin Allred UT 1743 D25 D21 D13 L14 D24 2.5
21 H. Mayorga DC 1354 D14 D20 L18 W27 L16 2
22 Greg Shahade PA 1717 L03 W27 L09 L19 W25 2
23 James Lin IL 1785 L01 W30 L06 L15 W29 2
24 James Goudreau NH 1673 L13 L17 D27 W26 D20 2
25 Chris Lindseth ND 1545 D20 W19 L08 L14 L22 1.5
26 David Van Horn AZ 1517 L08 D18 L14 L24 W30 1.5
27 Tim Harger MI 1896 L10 L22 D24 L21 W28 1.5
28 Keith McMahon TN 1687 L12 L11 W29 L10 L27 1
29 Travis Pullen NV 1550 L09 L07 L28 W30 L23 1
30 Robert Rakowsky CO 1552 L16 L23 L19 L29 L26 0

by Ira Lee Riddle, National Tournament Director