Dewain Barber

      Dr. Tim Redman of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) awarded a four year scholarship to Freshman Kapil Chandran (CT) for his tie-break performance over Freshman Safal Bora (MI) and Sophomore Michael Brown (CA-S).  All three players scored 5/6 and were declared Co-Champions in the 2013 Denker Tournament of High School Champions.  This year’s field totaled forty-eight players.

    Kapil played in the Inaugural Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions in Orlando and followed that up by playing in the Barber last year as an 8th Grade student in Vancouver.  In addition, he received the Ursula Foster Award for best player under sixteen this year and will be one of the US representatives in the World Youth. 

     Safal Bora (MI) had only two draws.  The draws were against Kapil and Alexander Katz (NJ).  Michael Brown (CA-S) played in the first Barber two years ago and was Co-Champion of that event. Last year Michael played in the Denker in Vancouver and tied for third.  These three players as well as seven other players were 2300+ entering this event.  This is the strongest Denker top ten in the 29 year history of the event.

     Alexander Katz (NJ) and Kevin Zhou (VA) tied for 4th/5th place and showed a strong result of 4.5/6 in the tournament.

     I would like to recognize our new sponsor, Internet Chess Club (ICC) which provided a two year membership to each participant.

      Results for all participants can be found at: