2018 GM Denker Tournament Results

September 8, 2018


                                        GM Awonder Liang Simul

Local GM Awonder Liang conducted a FREE 23 board Simul to open the US Open in Middleton, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 28.  Participants were players from the Denker, Barber and National Girls Tournament of Champions (NGTOC) with up to seven participants from each of the three events.  In addition, our two guests were the Mayor of Middleton, Mr. Gurdip Brar and Dylan Denker (FL), grandson of GM Arnold Denker.  Simul results were 22 wins and one loss.  Congratulations to the following players:  A win was achieved by a Denker participant, Tinh Son Nguyen (UT), Best Game–Tianhui (Cindy) Jie (FL) and Longest Game–Amanda Lossef (DC).


                                                 GM Denker Results

Congratulations to IM Praveen Balakrishnan (VA), rated 2496 who scored 5.5/6 for clear First Place.  He received the $5,000 College/University Scholarship to the school of his choice.  Following Praveen was IM Joshua Sheng (CA-S) rated 2507 and FM Carissa Yip (MA), rated 2408 both who scored 5/6 tied for 2nd Place.   Forest Chen (TN) rated 2272 scored 4.5/6 took clear 4th Place.  Twelve players tied for 5th Place.  This twelve way tie included FM Maggie Feng (OH), FM Yoon-Young Kim (CT), FM Ben Li (MI), FM David Peng (IL), Joshua Lynch (AZ), FM Sahil Sinha (MD), NM Andrew Titus (MN), Diddharth Banik (CA-N), NM Emmanuel Carter (NC), NM Jack Easton (KS), NM Arshaq Saleem (IA) and FM Roland Feng (WA).   There was a field of four IMs, 7 FMs and 12 NMs. 

FM Carissa Yip (MA) was the winner of the $500 Ursula Foster Chess Scholarship for best result under the age of 16.
Further details can be found here:  https://www.denkerchess.com/wp-content/uploads/Denker-Standings-2018.pdf

Virginia clear first in State Team Competition

 Congratulations to Virginia on their First Place finish (14.5/18) ending any doubt that their state team average (2213) was strong enough to take the top spot.  Their team was lead by Denker representative, IM Praveen Balakrishnan (5.5/6) rated 2496.  Barber representative, NM Andy Huang (5.5/6) rated 2276 and National Girls representative Vivian Cao-Dao (3.5/6) rated 1866 completed the effort.  The Second Place team was Washington State that had a team average (2310) and was one point behind Virginia.  There was a two-way tie for 3rd Place between Southern California and Massachusetts.

State Team winners in the Under Sections: (Under 2100) Arizona.  In the (Under 1900) it was Connecticut and in the (Under 1700) section was Indiana.  Complete results can be found at: